Since man first went into space more than 50 years ago, mankind has sought the answer to life’s most difficult and pressing questions. “Are we alone in the universe?”, “What shall I have for dinner?” and “How do I make everyone like me?”.


Well… we at Rocketfuel Entertainment don’t know the answers either. “Maybe”, “Chicken” and “Who cares” come to mind, but your guess is as good as ours.


But what we do know is how to make entertaining talent-driven digital content that engages, and how to crank a career in entertainment up a notch or five!

Rocketfuel Network

A whole bunch of channels with original content that caters to a wide variety of interests fueled by multi-genre digital stars

Rocketfuel Records

Leading independent music label in Malaysia with regional aspirations and over 20 million streams and downloads. Domination imminent.

Rocketfuel Talent

Managing some of the biggest names in entertainment, from music to motion pictures and all-round cool cats including a horny puppet!