Branded Content

Straightforward. Build content based on your brand or its proposition. Come on and give us a shot!

Social Media Marketing

Our biggest talents come with the biggest social media accounts. Want them to take a selfie with your product while wearing a tutu? Let’s talk.

Video Production

Let us do the hard work from ideation to execution of all your creative production services needs while you sit back, relax and sip your iced lemon tea.


Want the hottest hypebeasts to be copping your products all across the orbit? Come to us.

IP Creation

We’re interested in new ideas, especially in coming up with them. T-minus 10 till our starship takes off for idea exploration, daily rides available. Get your ticket now. We’re going brainstorming.


Whether it’s managing talents or ideas or production or deliverables, we gotchu covered. Come in for a chat and let’s get to twerk.